Monday, April 20, 2009

Passover and Family

My sweet BIL and SIL hosted the family Seder again this year. Our son and grandson (see picture) flew in from LA, which made it even better. We had a wonderful time with many great conversations and much laughter.

Together with family and friends, we celebrated Passover with a (short) Seder and a wonderful meal. I have MS, and a friend's husband has muscular dystrophy. Our diseases are downplayed; not ignored but, no one makes a big deal of them either. I like that.

We also had the unveiling of my mother-in-law's tombstone, another Jewish tradition. After the small ceremony, my BIL handed out seashells that he had collected. We placed them on all of our relative's tombstones in place of the usual small stones, in remembrance that we were there. It was a nice touch.

Darn it, but it was too cold and windy to go to the beach. I love to sit on a bench on the boardwalk in nice weather while Arnie walks Montana down near the surf. Both of them try their best not to get wet, and they have a great time together. It makes me feel good to see them having fun while I sit and soak up the sun and smell the ocean smells. My favorite place to be is near an ocean. Some day, I would like to rent a house, maybe just for a weekend, maybe for a whole week, that's right on the beach with a big front porch and huge windows that look out onto the water.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My New Ramp

Here is a picture of my new ramp, and the great guys who built it for me. Many thanks to Don and Mason with the Bike the US for MS organization, and Steve who owns Grayson Place Building near Charlottesville, VA. Don, Mason and Steve worked this past Saturday and Sunday, building me a ramp that makes it easier and safer for me to get from my front door to the car and back. Please take a look at Don's website --

I also found out that Don put a video of me on YouTube. Check it out:

This group of super nice men and women are riding from the coast of Virginia to the coast of Oregon this summer. Their goal is not only to collect donations for MS, but also to give a hand to people with MS along the route they'll be taking. If you live along this route, let them know. If you know of anyone with MS who lives along the route who may need a helping hand, please let them know about Bike the US for MS.
Thanks, maryann and montana