Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Grief, My MS Is Getting Worse

My tremors are increasing, my balance is worse, and I can barely lift my right leg. I'm getting worried. I had a 3-day course of Solumedrol, but nothing improved. My neuro increased my Klonopin, but that's not helping my tremors.

I've made up my mind, after talking to people at the Infusion Center and reading posts on my MS forum, that I'm going to tell my Neuro that I want to stop Betaseron and go on Tysabri. I've heard more people say they've had improvement than not on Tysabri. I don't know if he will go along with it. If he doesn't, I'm seriously thinking about trying to find an MS specialist. I really like my neuro, but I think he and I need to get more aggressive in my treatment.

I have an appointment with him the end of this month, so we shall see how it goes. Wish me luck.