Monday, May 4, 2009

Mowing, Planting, and Nice Neighbors

MS has taken some things away from me, or the ability to do some things. A little over two years ago, we sold our two-story home and bought a ranch that is on 1.25 acres. A few months after that, we bought a riding lawnmower. I mow the yard.

That lawnmower has given me so much pleasure! I have a responsibility to do that I absolutely love doing. When I'm on the mower, I have a sense of pride and I have a whole lot of fun. Once I mow the front and sides, then the fenced-in part in back (Montana's yard), I get to do the "back 40". This is a huge part with slopes. Have you ever mowed going down a slope? Sometimes I pretend I'm on a rollercoaster, let it rip, and yell all the way down! It's given me back a little bit of myself that had I lost.

If it ever stops raining, we are having a landscaping company come to do some work. I'm having small gardens dug in the corners of the fence. I've got seeds from Burpee waiting to be planted. Flowers and herbs and carrots for the gardens, flowers and herbs and patio tomatoes for the deck. I love growing things from seed.

Our next-door neighbor has put her house up for sale. She has a two-story home, and has lived in it for 30 years. But her health is bad and her husband died last year, she said the home is just a house now that she can't keep up by herself. We will miss this neighbor. When we moved in, she brought over a pot of stew. She's like that. The neighbor across the street (also a sweet woman) has moved to another state and is getting married. She has rented out her house to a young girl. Haven't met her yet, she just moved in this weekend. She planted some flowers. I hope she's nice...and quiet, too!

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