Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling Groovy

Yesterday, Arnie went to a Civil War gathering outside of Appomattox, VA, so Monty and I had the day to ourselves. I cleaned out one more of my little gardens and got the soil ready to plant in May. In the afternoon, I took Monty for a walk. It's a little hard on my own, but we managed. Then, we came home and I opened all the windows because it was 70 degrees. Finally, I opened an ice-cold beer, and sat and read while Monty took a nap.

Friday, we had Zipper over for the day. Zipper is a Saint Francis carreer-change dog. She was being fostered by Monty's foster family and hurt her leg, requiring surgery. That meant that she could never be a service dog. So, Kim adopted her. Monty and Zipper lived together for over a year while he was going through training. They get along great, still. We took them for a walk, played ball, and they chased each other around the yard. Since it worked so well, we're going to make it a regular thing.

I got a call from Nikki, the advertising director at SF. She said that since Arnie and I do so much for the organization, they want us to go to Putting on the Dog as their guests. This is the largest fundraiser SF has, and I was thrilled to be invited.

Today, I made Monty cookies, and then we took him for a walk. Cut it short though, because today it's 80 degrees without a breeze. Way to hot for me with MS and Monty in black fur to be out walking, not to mention Arnie who is just three weeks out from chemotherapy!

We have our lawnmower in the shop for repairs. The yard was looking awful, so Arnie asked our neighbor if I could borrow his riding mower. Ten minutes later, Jerry was out mowing our yard! I must point out that Jerry is two months out from a heart attack and open heart surgery, and two weeks out from hernia surgery. Amazing guy.

We had a wonderful Passover in NJ. Our son and one grandson flew in for the occasion. The weather was beautiful, and we all had a wonderful time. My BIL and SIL went with me to see Clash of the Titans in 3D. I loved it! It's been years since I've been to the movies!

My Daffodils are spent, but my tulips (see picture) are still beautiful. Our little Chinese Fern tree is covered in leaves. I worried about it surviving the winter, it's so small. I think all the snow we had acted as a ground saturation, and helped all the plants. Bye for now.

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  1. I see that I am late commenting with Passover but it is a nice post! Yep understand the heat!