Wednesday, September 23, 2009

South Carolina Trip

We took a four-day trip to Camden/Columbia, SC. We stayed at a wonderful B&B named Bloomsbury. This is a home that was owned by Mary Chesnut and her husband during the Civil War. Mary kept diaries throughout the Civil War that were published after her death. The Inkeepers graciously accepted Montana into their home, which we are finding out to be a rarity. That is, a lot of B&B's we've contacted refuse service dogs, citing the fact that they have their own dogs, or people are allergic, etc. Something that could be contested, but we feel that since these are private homes that the owners have the right to say no.

Saturday, DH went to a Civil War symposium in Columbia, and Montana and I stayed at the B&B. I took him for short walks around the grounds, but we mostly sat on the veranda. He napped and I read, knitted, and simply sat enjoying the ambiance.

Sunday, we spent in Columbia. One thing I found that was hard to do was to get across the wide streets before the lights turned green. There was a sign with a countdown, and I never made it in time, but luckily no one ran us over!

Monday, we spent in and around Camden. We went to a Nature Preserve, but only got to see a lizard and a flock of geese. Evidently, we went during the wrong part of the day. I did walk down and back a 200 yard path that led to an observation deck, then walked up about 20 steps to the platform. It took me a very long time, but it was quite an accomplishment!

We are home now, resting up from the trip. I'm very excited about my Tysabri infusion Friday, and will post all the details of it next week.


  1. Nature Preserves and historic Civil War sites - top of my list for a great trip. I am jealous.

    The corner of walk and don't walk - a favorite LOL.


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