Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I Miss

MS has made me feel grateful for the things I can still do. And, because of the complications of this disease, I qualified for my wonderful service dog, Montana. However, because of the complications of this disease, there are a lot of things I can no longer do.

I can't take Montana for a walk. That is top on my list of things I would most love to do.

We used to live in Arizona, and we hiked a lot. A place called Sabino Canyon was my favorite, where we would walk up four miles and then back down four miles. I could hardly move the next day, but I felt so very healthy out there on those trails.

I can't drive a car. Driving is huge part of your independence, and it is awfully depressing to lose that ability.

I can't play Frisbee with my grandsons. Of course, it's moot since they live in South Africa now!

I can't walk without Montana on my left and a forearm crutch on my right. It's amazing just how much you take walking for granted until you either can't do it at all, or you have a very hard time doing it.

I'm still waiting for the Tysabri to kick in and give me back at least something that I lost. Maybe next month.

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