Sunday, January 31, 2010

Falls and Tremors

Ring around the rosies.

Pockets full of posies.

Ashes, ashes

We all fall down!

I fell twice last week. At about one week before my last Tysabri infusion, which was last Thursday, my balance deteriorated and my tremors were out of control. When I was outside picking up after Montana, I fell. He was up on the deck and when I yelled for him to come and help me, he immediately ran to my side to help me up off the ground. What a super service dog! Luckily, I didn't hurt myself in either fall except for bruises.

My balance has since improved since the infusion, with no more falls. I had cut my Klonopin down to 1 mg at bedtime, but then began taking three pills a day because of the tremors. However, I don't know if it's the Tysabri or the Klonopin that is helping with my tremors. It may be both. I'm still not using my forearm crutch, just depending on Montana walking on my left for balance control.

The Tysabri infusion went well. I told the infusion nurse that I was having chills daily, sometimes waking up from sleep chilling. She told me that my hematocrit and hemoglobin were both a little low the last time, and that she would check the results of this week's blood test because I may be a little anemic, which I guess can cause chills.

Salem got at least 12 inches of snow Friday night and Saturday. We're paying our sweet neighbor to shovel the driveway. I was able to shovel half the ramp, the top of the deck leading to the stairs, as well as the stairs. It was exhausting, but luckily the snow was light and powdery. I kept thinking that must be the kind of snow that the skiers love.

I've never skied, but I used to to ice skate a lot in grade school and high school. I've been thinking about buying myself a pair of skates to hang on the wall as an incentive to maybe trying it again when the indoor rink opens back up in September. It certainly doesn't hurt to dream.

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  1. Hi Maryann,
    Sorry to read about your falls.
    Glad to hear that your balance has improved since your tysabri infusion.
    Think that getting the skates is a great idea.
    Hope you have had a good start to the week.
    Keep warm.