Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fantastic Doctor

This is not an MS problem, but it ties in with yesterday's blog about good and bad doctors. By the way, the picture is looking toward Salem with the snow-covered Appalacian mountains in the background.

I have had numbness to the point of deadness in my little finger and ring finger and half the palm of my left hand for months now. Yesterday, I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The building was huge, with lots of patients waiting, and 13 doctors in the practice. I figured it would take forever. However, I hadn't finished signing in when I was called back to the inner sanctum. Dr. Hagan walked in and introduced himself, asked if he could pet Monty, spoke to both myself and my husband in a pleasant manner, and was all-around very nice. He examined my hand, arm and elbow, then looked over the records my neuro had had sent over.

I was diagnosed with cubital ulnar nerve compression, which is going to need surgery to correct the problem. There are no guarantees that I will eventually regain the use of my two fingers, or the strength in my thumb (which was also affected), but I am not hesitating to have this surgery as soon as they can work me into the schedule.

Dr. Hagan will make a 3" incision over my elbow region, and adjust the nerve in the canal that it runs through where it is being compressed. He said it's possible that he will also have to do something (I forget this part) with the muscle that covers the nerve. The surgery will take about an hour, and it will be outpatient surgery, and I'll have to wear a splint on my arm for a week.

I'm hoping it's soon, because I want to get this over with and get fixed up. I'm having a very hard time typing, using only two fingers on my left hand when I'm used to using four. I also have a hard time gripping things, and drop things right and left. It's very frustrating. However, there is no pain--only the dead numbness.

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  1. How wonderful to find a GOOD doctor!! I hope all is well.