Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happiness is Helpful

My husband is off chemotherapy for three months. He had a brain MRI and a bone scan today. If those are clear, then we can both relax until June. We decided to celebrate his release from chemo by taking a trip to Newport News, VA. Friday was yucky, cold and raining. We, however, were in the War Museum so the weather didn't bother us much. We had a lovely meal at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Arnold doesn't drink, so he had a delicious lemonade with strawberries floating in it. I had a margarita. We both had burgers.

This was kind of funny. The manager of CIB ran over to us and said he noticed we had a service dog, He explained that they had just gotten Braille menues and wondered if either of us could read Braille. We explained that neither one of us was blind, and that I used Monty to help with my balance and things like that.

The next day we spent four hours at the Maritime Museum, seeing things we didn't see on our last visit there. We also took a long, slow walk on the hiking trails there. It was a marvelous day with 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine.

I begin my Tysabri infusions next week at the new place where Arnold gets his chemo.

Happiness definitely helps the mind and the spirit. Does it also help MS?

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